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Yay! The final step for some of the tracks are taking place! My tracks are winging their way across the world to New York to the wizards at Sterling Sound. Can’t wait to hear how they sound once they’ve worked their magic!Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 14.46.04

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Past Shows

19 Oct 2015 Den Haag Band Gig -September, Den Haag Band Gig -September, Den Haag
28 Sep 2015 Rotterdam, NL Full Moon Babylon - GROUNDS Full Moon Babylon - GROUNDS
05 Sep 2015 Den Haag The Haags Historiche Museum The Haags Historiche Museum
26 Jul 2015 Meppel, NL Fantasia Fest Fantasia Fest
25 Jul 2015 Meppel, NL Fantasia Fest Fantasia Fest
18 Jun 2015 Den Haag, NL Paardcafé Paardcafé

Anthony Burford Biography

Breathing fresh air into the pop music scene, Anthony Burford and his band are a unique act from The Netherlands and the UK.

Assembled at the end of 2014, Anthony and his band have worked together tirelessly through 2015 to write and arrange a set of honest, self-reflective songs with a thoughtful and rich sound that will connect with audiences on a personal level. In their short time together, they have already worked with numerous industry talents such as Paul van de Geijn (engineered for VanVelzen) and Martijn Groeneveld (producer for Blaudzun). Their music has also featured on various radio stations across The Netherlands and Anthony was selected as a 3voor12 Monthly Select Act in The Netherlands. They are currently working in the studio recording two new singles.

Initially, Anthony began as a solo act with only himself and his piano. 

“At the start of my music career, despite performing solo fairly regularly, I was mostly interested in writing songs. With no formal song-writing training, I would happily spend hours each day behind my keyboard writing new material and trying to make each song better than the last. It sounds cliché to say but it became almost therapeutic. My music and lyrics are really personal to me and it was first time in my life I felt I could really get out my ideas, thoughts and feelings somehow.” However, Anthony had a strong vision of what he wanted his sound to be and it  became clear to him that developing a band was integral to this.

“It slowly became clear that I was not going to be able to achieve what I wanted to do on my own. I would need to find some like-minded musicians who shared my vision for my music. It was difficult at first, but eventually I found some amazing musicians who have helped me create the sound I have today.”

A chance meeting with the producer Paul van de Geijn was the final icing on the cake. Paul connected immediately with what sound Anthony and his band were trying to achieve and straight away was able to use his technical know-how and creativity to work together with them to help them realise it. 









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Nominated ‘Best Unsigned Male Artist’ Category 

Great news today!

Found out today that I was nominated for the ‘Best Unsigned Male Artist Category’ by the Best of British Unsigned Awards. This is particularly cool since I didn’t even apply for this award but they had heard some of my music and nominated me anyway.

Screen Shot 2014-09-20 at 11.58.12